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Body Procedures in Houston TX

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Tummy Tuck arrow-right-large

At Lift Plastic Surgery we work with our patients in Houston and Webster, Texas, to create bellies that look great both in and out of clothes. If you’re interested in finding out how a tummy tuck can help you get the figure you want, call or schedule an appointment today using the online booking tool.

Arm Lift arrow-right 2

In our warm Texas climate, patients often wish to feel comfortable in sleeveless tops and dresses and the complaint of flabby arms can often detract from this desire. Having toned and sculpted arms is hugely important to most patients, and a brachioplasty can help make the changes you need to love your arms!

Circumferential Body Lift arrow-right 3

A circumferential body lift combines an abdominoplasty and a lower body lift into one operation. Once again, this is generally for patients with a significant amount of extra skin and tissue after massive weight loss. Goals of the surgery are to tighten the abdominal muscles, lift the thighs hips and buttocks, and remove extra skin and tissue from the abdomen, love handles, and lower back.

Upper Body Lift arrow-right 4

The bra-line back lift and oblique body lift are both procedures that can be used to re-shape the body by removing extra skin and fat. They may be a good choice in someone who has localized areas of extra tissue in the back and flanks, or may be a good alternative to a circumferential body lift in someone who has extra lower body and back tissue after massive weight loss.

Brazilian Butt Lift arrow-right 5

As our society increasingly embraces full figured curvy women, “Brazilian butt lift”s have become more and more popular. The actual procedure involves large volume fat grafting to the buttock area. This means that fat is harvested from other places on the body via liposuction (like the abdomen, back, love handles and thighs).

Breast Fat Grafting arrow right 6

Fat grafting to the breast can be an excellent option for a woman that wishes to increase her breast size, desires a more natural breast shape, and does not want breast implants. It is not a good option if a significant increase in size is desired. It can also be used in conjunction with other procedures to fill in defects or smooth and camouflage certain areas.

Gluteal Auto Augmentation arrow right 7

Gluteal auto-augmentation attempts to restore projection and roundness of the buttocks by using the patient’s own tissues. Patients requiring a lower body lift have generally undergone massive weight loss. Because of this, even after removing the extra skin and tissue from the lower back and lifting the buttock, the buttock still appears flat and deflated, and needs restoration of volume.

Labiaplasty arrow right 8

Often women will wish to make the labia smaller and restore them to a younger more rejuvenated appearance. Additionally, enlarged labia can also cause problems with rubbing, chafing, pain and sores during exercise, daily activity, or sexual intercourse. A labiaplasty can help to treat symptoms as well as improve the appearance of the vaginal area. If you wish to get a labiaplasty in Houston, visit us at Lift Plastic Surgery.

Liposuction arrow right 9

We live in a very body conscious and health conscious society where people are willing to go the extra mile to make themselves look and feel good. Because of this, liposuction appeals to a wide variety of people with different problem areas. It can be used on all different parts of the body to sculpt and contour, is an outpatient procedure, and has minimal down time, recovery and scarring.

Lower Body Lift arrow-right 10

A lower body lift tightens and contours the lower back, buttocks and upper thighs. The is most commonly for the massive weight loss patient that has developed extra back skin and sagging of the buttock and thighs. A back lift surgery can take care of this excess skin. After surgery you will have a scar from hip to hip just above the gluteal cleft.

Weight Loss Surgery arrow-right 11

Bariatric Surgery has become an increasingly common solution for weight loss and controlling the medical problems associated with obesity. After bariatric surgery, there is typically a period of significant weight loss, after which patients are left with significant amounts of extra skin, often all over the body. This can cause problems with chafing, infections, rashes and sores, difficulty fitting into clothes and trouble exercising post-bariatric surgery. I

Mommy Makeover arrow right 12

Have you experienced changes in your body after pregnancy? If you’re unhappy with these changes, Shitel Patel, MD, and Dr. Truong at Lift Plastic Surgery offer a procedure known as a mommy makeover to help women in Houston and Webster, Texas, regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. Is a Mommy Makeover right for you? Besides rejuvenating your physical appearance, a Mommy Makeover can also give your self-esteem and confidence a boost.

Thigh Lift arrow right 13

A thigh lift is a procedure for patients that have extra skin and tissue of their legs above the knee. Frequently this occurs after massive weight loss. The type of incision required is determined by the amount of excess tissue present. If the contour of the thigh is improved by simply pulling up the tissue on the inside of the leg, a crescent shaped removal of skin and fat at the inner thigh may be sufficient.

Transgender Surgery arrow right 14

We have a unique team fully trained in craniofacial surgery and specializing in all types of breast surgery. Their distinctive skill set makes them ideally suited to provide facial feminization, as well as top surgery, and offer patients in Houston and Webster, Texas, the options they need to live their lives as they choose. To learn more about transgender surgery, call the office or use the online scheduling to book a consultation.

American Board of Plastic Surgery The American Society of Maxillofacial Surgeons Texas Medical Association The American Board of Surgery American Society of Plastic Surgeons

At Lift Plastic Surgery, we form a close-knit team with you. We utilize our years of collective experience in all aspects of plastic surgery.

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