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Massive Weight Loss in Houston TX

Surgery After Massive Weight Loss

Bariatric Surgery has become an increasingly common solution for weight loss and controlling the medical problems associated with obesity. After bariatric surgery, there is typically a period of significant weight loss, after which patients are left with significant amounts of extra skin, often all over the body.

Why Surgery After Weight Loss?

It can be an enormous disappointment and quite frustrating to a patient who has gone through so much and put in so much effort to lose the weight, only now to be stuck with a suit of loose skin that they cannot get rid of even with regular exercise.

This can cause problems with chafing, infections, rashes, and sores, difficulty fitting into clothes and trouble exercising post-bariatric surgery. This is not to mention a lack of confidence in your body image. The weight loss also affects the contour of the body in that the chest, buttocks and other areas tend to become deflated leaving one with flabby or loose skin.


Generally, the necessary procedures will need to be performed over several different operations in order for everything to be done safely. When you see, Dr. Patel or Dr. Truong will give you a full evaluation and consult you on your goals. From there a procedure plan will be devised for you of how best to achieve your goals. Here are some of the reasons why a person should consider Breast Augmentation:

Next Step

Don’t be discouraged, we can help you to achieve the sculpted and toned figure you have been working for. We offer a variety of procedures that work to remove your extra skin and tissue and restore volume to achieve a masculine figure.

If you need skin tightening surgery in Houston, visit us at Lift Plastic Surgery Webster. We aim to make you feel pounds lighter, feel great in and out of clothes, and increase your energy and activity levels.

Consultation for Post-Bariatric Surgery in Houston, TX

When we see you in the office at Lift Plastic Surgery in Houston, we will discuss your goals and come up with a detailed treatment plan that is right for you depending on your specific needs.

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At Lift Plastic Surgery, we form a close-knit team with you. We utilize our years of collective experience in all aspects of plastic surgery.

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