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Mommy Makeover in Houston TX

While that little bundle may bring you a lifetime of joy, unfortunately, your body gets put through the wringer during pregnancy, which can lead to changes around your abdomen and breasts.

Have you experienced changes in your body after pregnancy? If you’re unhappy with these changes, Shitel Patel, MD, and Dr. Truong at Lift Plastic Surgery offer a procedure known as a mommy makeover to help women in Houston and Webster, Texas, regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. Is a Mommy Makeover right for you? Besides rejuvenating your physical appearance, a Mommy Makeover can also give your self-esteem and confidence a boost.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

While pregnancy and childbirth are wonderful, life-changing events, they can also take a toll on your body. Pregnancy stretches the muscles of your abdomen, pushing them apart, and it can also cause a hernia at your belly button. After your baby is born, you’re often left with extra skin and stretch marks around your belly, as well.

And if that wasn’t enough, breastfeeding often leaves your breasts deflated and droopy, or smaller than before your pregnancy. Added up, these changes can have a major impact on how you feel about your body.

A Mommy Makeover is a surgical body transformation process that includes various types of plastic surgeries that can restore the shape of a woman after the delivery of a child. Women who wish to get rid of fatty deposits, as well as excess skin from the abdomen, can prefer to have abdominoplasty or liposuction. Breast augmentation may also be carried out to repair breasts that lose volume after childbirth. The primary aim of a mommy makeover process is to assist women to get back their physical appearance before pregnancy.

How Long Does the procedure Take?

This kind of operation is generally carried out as an outpatient process, under the effects of general anesthesia. The time for this type of process usually takes anywhere between 3 and 4 hours, although it is based on how many processes are conducted.

Does a Mommy Makeover Hurt?

There is some amount of pain and swelling involved, and you will be provided with prescriptions for pain medicines and antibiotics. You may use ice packs to decrease inflammation. You should completely recover after 2 weeks, although you might still be stiff, swollen and bruised. Make sure that you plan your schedule – work, special events, and travel – accordingly after your Mommy Makeover in Houston.

What Happens During a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover combines surgeries that are often simultaneously carried out to help the bodies of women return to the same state as before pregnancy. The process comprises of the following surgical methods:

A pregnant tummy, breastfeeding, and lactation are all the important factors that make the skin sag and stretch. All such issues can be addressed by a Mommy Makeover in Houston, TX. A breast lift can bring your sagging breasts back to their proper position on the chest. Breast implants can replace the volume that is lost after childbirth.

In case your tummy has retained tight skin and a few fatty spots, basic liposuction can be helpful. However, if your muscles have been separated significantly during delivery or there is excess loose skin, a tummy tuck can help make your 6-pack (rectus abdominal) muscles tighter. The left and right rectus abdominal muscles are stitched together at the time of tummy tuck, which puts the separated muscles back in their original location.

Is a Mommy Makeover Right for Me?

You must be in good health and have realistic expectations regarding the surgery. Candidates should be close to their deal weight. If you are breast feeding, or are planning to have more chidren in the near future, it is not recommended that you recieve a mommy makeover. It is recommended candidates have a sound support system at home to help make recovery as smooth as possible.

Top Reasons for a Mommy Makeover in Houston:

  • No more loose stomach skin
  • Perkier breasts for better support and a younger-looking bust
  • Get rid of excess skin, loss of elasticity and stretch marks
  • New contour for your body with a firmer stomach 
  • Better fit in your clothes
  • Great results no matter which procedure you get done
  • You can have more than one procedure done at the same time
  • Your new self-confidence will benefit you at work and at home
  • Youthful appearance

What are the Risks of a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover in Houston is not a simple process. Pain and swelling are common symptoms for a few days. Any scars or incisions that you have will be based on the specific procedures that you receive.

You will have a scar from a breast augmentation that would depend on the kind of placement and implant that you get. The options will be discussed with Dr. Patel and Dr. Truong during your consultation. With a tummy tuck, there will be a scar left along the lower abdomen. A smaller scar would be left by a mini tuck.

After surgery, drains would possibly be put in the incisions to measure the fluid output. It can help surgeons determine when the drains should be removed. You may require a pain pump – a small ball pump that reduces pain through the delivery of medication to the incised location – to induce numbness.

As is the case with any other operative process, a Mommy Makeover has some potential complications - although it is generally safe when carried out by a board-certified, qualified plastic surgeon. Fortunately, Dr. Patel and Dr. Truong are both expert Houston Mommy Makeover specialists and will take every precaution to ensure a successful operation.

What is the Recovery Period after a Mommy Makeover?

Recovery can be tedious after a Mommy Makeover, particularly in the initial few days.

Most busy mothers who undergo these processes make the common error of trying to handle as much as possible too quickly after a Mommy Makeover. It is essential to take time for proper recovery, which is as essential as the operation itself. You can feel better more quickly when you take enough time to recover properly from a Mommy Makeover.

For the first 2 – 3 days, you will require consistent assistance at home to ensure that you take analgesics, remain hydrated and get assistance in getting in and out of bed. You can choose to recover for 1 – 2 days at a post-operative recovery center. These are similar to hotels specializing in post-cosmetic operations that can give you the comfort that you want. After a mommy makeover process, most patients require a minimum of 1-week off of work for recovery. Given that a mommy makeover generally involves more than one surgery, patients might have difficulty with the physical demands of caring for their kids during recovery. Thus, it is important to have post-surgical care in place before the surgery.

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