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Breast Lift & Augmentation in Houston TX

A breast lift with implants, is perfect for the patient with droopy breasts that desires both a breast lift as well as an increase in breast size.

This is often the case after pregnancy and nursing or massive weight loss where the breast volume itself has also become deflated. Some people have the impression that breast implants alone can solve both problems. The implants will help to fill out the breast, but a lift will still be required to remove extra skin and reposition the nipple into its proper position. If you're interested in a Breast Lift With Implants in Houston, Lift Plastic Surgery Webster is the best choice.​

How does the procedure differ from a regular breast augmentation or breast lift?

One primary difference is that there is a greater disruption of blood supply to the nipple/areola when implants are placed at the same time as a lift. This increases the risk of partial or total nipple/areola loss. This is usually something that can be detected within the first 24 hours after surgery and can often be remedied.

For this reason, it can be safer to perform these procedures as two separate operations. First the implants are placed, and you are allowed to heal for several months until the implants have dropped into their final position.

Then the lift is performed to create the final shaping of the breast. It is up to the patient to determine how they would like to proceed and what risks they are willing to accept. The second difference, is that there is a greater chance that later revisions may be necessary when the two procedures are combined. During surgery, it is hard to determine the exact ultimate position and shape that the breast implants will create.

As a result, there may be some minor revisions necessary later on to remove extra skin, or tweak the nipple position. Once again, these issues can be remedied by performing the implants and lift at two separate operations. Patients are often willing to accept these risks due to the ease of one operation, one anesthesia and one recovery.

Breast Lift With Implants Houston

What happens during surgery/recovery?

The procedure performed is a combination of the steps involved in a breast augmentation and a breast lift, and the postoperative care and recovery is also the same. Please see the breast augmentation and mastopexy sections of the website for further details.

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