Bra Line Back Lift / Oblique Body Lift


What is it?

The bra- line back lift and oblique body lift are both procedures that can be used to re-shape the body by removing extra skin and fat, and creating contouring.  They may be a good choice in someone who has localized areas of extra tissue in the back and flanks, or may be a good alternative to a circumferential body lift in someone who has extra lower body and back tissue after massive weight loss.  The goal is to remove rolls, tighten the back and provide a smooth shapely contour.

How does it work?

The bra line back lift involves removing extra skin and fat from the back and, at the same time, lifts and tightens the buttock and sometimes even the back of the thighs.  The incision is marked and planned so that the scar will be hidden by the patient’s typical bra strap or swimsuit.  The procedure can also be combined with surgery on other areas of the body like the breasts or tummy if desired.  It can also be a great procedure for men with the same problem areas.  Most patients are feeling well after about two weeks, and it takes 4-6 weeks to return back to all normal activity.  The procedure can have excellent results, but you must be willing to accept the resultant scar.

The oblique body lift works in a similar fashion, but involves two incisions that follow the curves of the body on each side.  Because of the location of the incisions, the procedure can have a more dramatic effect on reshaping the hips and waistline, but the scars are more conspicuous in that they cannot be hidden under the bra, or under the underwear or swimsuit like a circumferential body lift.

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