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Blepharoplasty in Houston TX

The skin around your eyes can begin to droop, making you look older and more tired than you are, and it can also affect your vision.

To restore your eyelids to their youthful appearance, Lift Plastic Surgery offers Houston's Best Blepharoplasty. Call or schedule an appointment online today to see how eyelid surgery can improve your outlook on life.

Blepharoplasty Houston TX

What is a blepharoplasty?

A blepharoplasty improves the appearance and youthfulness of your eyelids. As you age, the skin around your eyes can become lax and droopy, sometimes to the point of affecting your vision.

Additionally, the fat around your eyes can also become displaced, causing puffiness or bags above or below your eyes. The muscles that lift your eyelids can also weaken, further aggravating the problem. After a detailed physical exam with one of the blepharoplasty surgeons at Lift Plastic Surgery, a treatment plan is formed which may involve your upper eyelids, your lower eyelids, or both. Please note that you shouldn't have eyelid surgery within six months of having LASIK surgery, and the procedure is not recommended if you have problems with dry eyes.

How is a blepharoplasty performed?

During your blepharoplasty, your surgeon makes an incision in the natural crease of your eyelid to camouflage the scars. If there's excess tissue, your doctor removes a strip of skin and muscle from the area.

If there's excess fat, your doctor removes it as well, and recontours your eyes to provide the most youthful appearance. If needed, your doctor places a suture to tighten your lower eyelid during healing, which is called a canthopexy. This technique can make your eyelid appear distorted or upturned initially, but it relaxes with time for a more natural appearance. After the doctor closes your incisions, you're free to go home.

What do I need to do following my blepharoplasty?

After your surgery, you should expect swelling and bruising around your eyes, which improves significantly after a week, but may take several weeks to completely resolve.

If you apply cold compresses to your eyes during this time, it should help with your comfort and speed up recovery. You'll also need to minimize exercise or vigorous activity for four to six weeks to allow for proper healing and to prevent bleeding and an increase in swelling. You also won't be able to wear makeup on your eyes until your incisions are healed. If you want to explore how a Blepharoplasty in Houston can improve your appearance and your vision, call Lift Plastic Surgery or use the online scheduling tool to book an appointment.

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