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Brow Lift in Houston TX

A brow lift serves to improve the appearance of the forehead, eyebrows, and upper eyelids. With age, we not only form wrinkles on the forehead, but the tissues also start to sag and descend.

This can cause the eyebrows to appear lower on the face and can age the eyes by making the upper eyelids look puffy or like they have extra skin. Patients will often compensate for this problem by actively raising their eyebrows to lift the excess skin falling into their eyes, further intensifying the wrinkles of the forehead.

Brow lifts in Houston are becoming more popular, and they are ideal for restoring beauty and youthfulness. The method by which it is carried out is based on the circumstances of the patient. Doctors at Lift Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas answer common questions about the procedure.

What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a type of surgery that corrects the sagging of the skin on the upper eyelids, eyebrows, and forehead. As time passes and we grow older, excess fat and skin weigh down the eyelids. The overlying brows can be a problem at times.

When the eyebrow drops down below the bones of the forehead, there is some excess skin. The eyes have to bear the weight of fat.

This can be resolved with Brow Lift Surgery in Houston TX. This process helps straighten the creases and wrinkles amid the eyebrows and across the forehead and can reposition sagging or low brows. The method is also known as a “Forehead Lift”.

Brow lifts go beyond reversing a sagging upper lid and eyebrow. This procedure also helps smooth the lines and wrinkles that develop in the area of the forehead. It can also correct frown lines between the eyebrows. A few patients need a forehead lift to resolve vision impared by sagging skin around the brow and forehead. Forehead lifts are usually carried out at the same time as hair transplants for reversing receding hairlines.

What Happens During Brow Lift Surgery

During this type of surgery, the doctors at Lift Plastic Surgery Center in Houston, Texas will lift the forehead muscles and/or skin and the excess skin or fat in the brow line is removed. The surgeon then lifts the skin of the brow to a new spot. Small incisions are made in the hairline to conduct Endoscopic brow lifts.

There is a very minimal risk of scarring with this type of endoscopic option. A brow lift can be performed by several techniques depending on the problem and the patient's anatomy. Of these, the endoscopic brow lift is the most common. The procedure involves 2-4 small incisions within the hairline.

Then, using a camera and long instruments, the forehead and eyebrows are carefully lifted off of the underlying bone so that they can be re-positioned in a higher location. Within the first few weeks, until the tissue heals in its new position, it is held in place with either suture, absorbable hooks anchored in the bone, or screws. Screws and sutures are later removed quickly and easily in the office. Another goal of the surgery is to disrupt the muscles that cause wrinkles of the lower forehead in between the eyebrows.

This smooths the forehead and prevents new wrinkles from forming. Less commonly, if a patient has a long forehead and would benefit by moving the hairline down, a similar procedure can be performed through an incision at the hairline. As the forehead is re-positioned, extra skin is then removed. A direct brow lift can also be performed by removing skin right above the eyebrow, leaving a thin scar in the area. This may be more desirable for a male patient who has thinning hair and wishes to avoid more prominent scars on the head itself.

Brow Lift Houston TX

Is Brow Lift Surgery Right for Me?

Every situation is unique. If you are looking to restore your beauty and youth you may be a good candidate for a brow lift surgery.

It can easily be seen how brow lift surgeries are popular among people of both sexes. With technological advancement and accommodating payment plans from cosmetic surgeons, average men and women are finding forehead lifts more and more accessible. Get in touch with Lift Plastic Surgery Houston for more details on how the aging process can be reversed, and how the best brow lift in Houston can improve your natural beauty.

Does Brow Lift Surgery Hurt?

There will be some amount of pain and swelling associated with the process, as is the case with any invasive surgery.

Immediately after the surgery, your scalp and forehead might feel hot and tight. You should expect the forehead and upper eyes to swell, possibly with bruising of the upper eyes and swelling in the immediate area of the face. You could feel groggy from the use of anesthesia or other medicines during the first night after the brow lift surgery has been carried out. This is normal and only temporary.

This will be significantly improved after a week but may take several weeks to completely resolve. You may shower after surgery, and we ask you to apply ointment to your incisions twice daily. If the operation is conducted on an outpatient basis, a friend or family member will have to drive you home.

What Is the Recovery Period After Brow Lift Surgery?

After a brow lift surgery is carried out, you can suffer from facial bruising for a couple of weeks. A few patients need to be bandaged for a few days after the process is completed. Pain medicines and ice packs are administered following this type of outpatient process.

After 1 week has passed, most patients can use makeup to hide their bruising with success. They can get back to normal activities after 1 week. However, puffiness and facial swelling can be expected for some days. Depending on the techniques used, sutures, staples, or screws are typically removed in the office at 7-10 days after surgery. A compression garment worn for 4-6 weeks helps to decrease swelling and improve overall results. You will also need to minimize exercise or vigorous activity for 4-6 weeks after surgery to allow for proper healing and to prevent bleeding and worsening of swelling. You should plan your activities accordingly.

Forehead Lift Houston TX

What Are the Risks of Brow Lift Surgery?

Like any other surgery, this type of operation also includes risks of complications. Although acute complications are rare, you must consult with one of our board-certified, expert facial plastic surgeons to ensure that the risks are minimized. You will need to stick to his advice and recommendations.

Some of the complications and risks of Brow lift surgery can include:

  • Infection
  • Brow or facial asymmetry
  • Seroma (fluid-filled pocket)
  • Unpleasant scarring
  • Poor wound healing
  • Hematoma (blood embolism)

As part of your consultation, you will be interviewed about your full medical history by your anesthesiologist and surgeon. Inform them about your full medical background. Let them know about any medicines that you are taking at present. This will help your doctor to ensure you have a safe experience and ideal results.

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