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Neck Lift in Houston TX

What is a Neck Lift?

As people get older, the skin on the neck may become loose and saggy. Sometimes it can also appear as though there are bands of tissue running up and down the neck. This is due to separation of the neck muscles. There can also be deposits of fat which can make the jawline look full and soft rather than crisp and well defined.

A neck lift functions to tighten loose muscles, remove excess skin, and remove fat as necessary to create a smooth well defined jaw and neckline. Often a neck lift and facelift are performed at the same time to rejuvenate the entire area. Lift Plastic Surgery is your center for the best neck lifts in Houston.

Surgery involves making a small incision underneath the chin, where it is hidden. The skin is then separated from the muscles and, if necessary, the muscles are tightened with sutures. Extra fat deposits are removed with liposuction and, in some cases, the glands of the neck are also addressed if they are prominent. Depending on the severity of sagging, sometimes a permanent suture is weaved through the muscles of the neck and anchored to the tissues behind the ear to act like a corset that holds the neck tissues in place. The skin is then re-draped, extra skin is removed, and the incision is closed with absorbable sutures.

Neck Lift Houston TX

What will my neck lift recovery be like?

A compressive dressing is applied at the time of surgery. After two days it can be removed and you can shower. Expect that you will have bruising and swelling.

This will be significantly improved after a week, but may take several weeks to completely resolve. You will also need to minimize exercise or vigorous activity for 4-6 weeks after surgery to allow for proper healing and to prevent bleeding and worsening of swelling. You should plan for activities accordingly. A compression garment is worn for 4-6 weeks to help decrease swelling and improve overall results.

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