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Are you unhappy with the appearance of your nose? If so, rhinoplasty surgery may be for you.

Rhinoplasty surgery is meant to change the appearance and shape of the nose, and make it look more pleasant. Rhinoplasty is also useful for improving the functionality of the nose. It is carried out for medical as well as aesthetic reasons. Globally, plastic surgery is on the rise and rhinoplasty is among the most frequently performed procedures for both cosmetic and functional purposes. Houston Rhinoplasty Specialists Dr. Patel and Dr. Truong are ready to discuss your aesthetic goals and establish a tailored treatment plan to meet them.

Rhinoplasty Houston TX

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is designed for the modification or reconstruction of the nose. The process is used to give a more symmetric form and shape to the nose, and is commonly referred to as a “nose job.”

The framework of your nose is made of cartilage, which can be misshapen or pushed off to the side, either naturally or from trauma. Rhinoplasty gives proper shape to the nose and can be carried out if you have any problem with the nasal structure, whether it is congenital or if you suffer from breathing problems. When rhinoplasty is carried out, the width, position, and size of the nose can be changed including reducing humps or bumps on the bridge of your nose.

Does Rhinoplasty Surgery Hurt?

As is the case with most invasive operations, you are likely to have the majority of any discomfort in the initial 1 – 2 days following the surgery. Your face will initially have a puffy appearance and you might suffer from a headache.

At this point, pain medicines are generally suitable if desired. You must remain in bed on the first day with your head kept in an elevated position. After the first 2 days have passed you should feel better and be able to get out of bed. Stuffiness, light bleeding, swelling and bruising are typical, but cold temperatures can alleviate these problems.

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What Happens During Rhinoplasty Surgery?

A rhinoplasty {or nose job}, can be customized to address ethnic-specific goals. The resulting facial harmony is crafted by balancing proportions and scale, creating a beautiful result.

A “liquid” rhinoplasty or non-surgical can use fillers to conceal a bump on the nose, raise the tip, and camouflage or fill in areas to create symmetry within the nose.

A surgical rhinoplasty can permanently adjust the cartilage, bone and skin envelope. It can fix a crooked nose, dorsal hump, wide nose, undesirable profile and droopy or boxy tip.

Rhinoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Rhinoplasty Surgery Take?

The surgery is generally conducted in 3-4 hours and may be carried out under local or general anesthesia. For complex processes, it is typically recommended that the patient be kept fully unconscious. In most patients, there is a separation of the skin. Adjustments are done to the cartilage and the bone. Bones can be chiseled or broken based on the results desired by the patient. The cartilage might also be trimmed. Then the nasal passages are packed and there is the application of an outer splint. In most cases, the packs are taken off after a day. However, the internal splint is worn generally for around 1 week and the external split is worn for 3-4 weeks.

What is the Recovery Period after Rhinoplasty Surgery?

It is normal to have swelling and bruising around the eyes and nose after the operation, although the problems usually peak around 3 days following the operation. Other short-term side effects may include:

  • Facial numbness 
  • Aching nose
  • Dull headache 

Most patients get back to normal activities or the workplace after a couple of weeks, this downtime gives any inflammation and bruising time to heal. It is generally recommended that patients avoid activities and sports that could lead to injuries, for as long as 6 weeks.

Most people need a week to return to work, although a few weeks are needed for the resumption of general activities. The process of recovery from rhinoplasty in Houston is gradual. If you wear glasses, you may have a notable discomfort. However, you may put on contact lenses as soon as you want. 

Is Rhinoplasty Surgery Right for Me?

The decision to undergo rhinoplasty surgery happens to be a personal one and typically depends on the displeasure of patients with some of their nasal features as well as the need to have a varied look. The presence of one or more unwanted features in the nose can make you a suitable candidate for this type of surgery, including:

  • Breathing troubles
  • A thick nasal tip
  • A wide nose
  • A bump on the nasal bridge 
  • Cosmetic irregularities because of trauma or injury
  • A crooked septum which can make the nose seem to be off-center

It is a good idea to get in touch with a cosmetic surgeon at Lift Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas to schedule a consultation. While most plastic surgeons may carry out a rhinoplasty surgery, you would like to trust a trained and expert surgeon with changing the main points of your face, including the nose. You would like to ensure that the plastic surgeon of your choice has the degree of expertise that you need. You can rest assured that Dr. Patel and Dr. Truong at Lift Plastic Surgery are the utmost experts in the field. You will be in the best possible hands.

What Is The Recovery Period After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Nose jobs are generally regarded as a serious type of surgery and do have side effects and risks. Improper healing and infection are some of the common risks. The results depend on the original condition of the patient's face.

Often, it is difficult to obtain a clear image of what a restored nose looks like until all the discoloration and swelling subsides, which can often take 1 month or even more. Patients are generally recommended to see surgeons for follow-ups regularly to make sure everything is healing properly, and such meetings may also be great opportunities for discussion about the process. In case you suffer from any type of discomfort even 6 months after the surgery, it is recommended that you consult your surgeon as soon as possible.

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At Lift Plastic Surgery, we form a close-knit team with you. We utilize our years of collective experience in all aspects of plastic surgery.

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