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As you age, gravity takes a toll on your body, and your breasts are no exception. To offset the effects of age and gravity, Shitel Patel, MD, and Jacqueline Wegge, MD, at Lift Plastic Surgery in Houston and Webster, Texas, offer breast lifts which result in perkier breasts set higher on your chest. Whether breastfeeding has deflated your breasts or time has let them droop, call to find out how Drs. Patel and Wegge can help. Or, you can fill out the online booking form to schedule a consultation.

Breast Lift Q & A

What is a breast lift?

Your doctor at Lift Plastic Surgery typically does the following during breast lift surgery:

  • Remove extra skin
  • Reshape your breast tissue so the lift is more durable
  • Reposition your nipple onto the most projecting part of your breast

The doctors at Lift Plastic Surgery use different incision shapes depending on how much of your skin they want to remove. This can range from a “donut” around the areola if you only require a small lift, a “lollipop” for a moderate lift, and an “anchor” pattern for a large lift.

What happens during a breast lift surgery?

Before your surgery, your doctor marks your breasts in the preoperative area to provide a roadmap for the proposed incisions and breast changes.

During your surgery, your doctor first removes the extra skin and removes some of the rim of your areola to make your nipples smaller and more proportional to your breast. Often, your nipples become larger and stretch with time, making this step necessary for the overall effect. If needed, your surgeon places permanent sutures around your areola to prevent it from stretching and changing shape again.

Next, the surgeon makes limited cuts in your breast tissue to reposition them into a more favorable shape and to make the lift more durable.

Throughout the surgery, your doctor sits you up several times to make sure your new breast shape and symmetry are correct.

Once the surgery is done, your doctor closes the incisions with dissolvable sutures and covers them with tape and skin glue. After completing your incisions, your doctor fits you with a soft surgical bra and you’re free to go home the same day.

What is recovery like after a breast lift?

You should expect to experience some mild discomfort after your surgery. You can shower the day after surgery, but you must wear a soft supportive bra without underwire at all other times for the first month.

After four weeks, you can change to a normal bra as long as your incisions are well healed. You should also plan on avoiding all vigorous exercise or activity for the first four to six weeks after surgery, and you should limit lifting your arms above your head.

As you heal, your breasts will be swollen, but this gradually decreases over the following months, slowly revealing the final form of your breasts. Once your incisions heal, the doctors are happy to discuss scar management tips.

If you want to fight the effects that age and gravity have had on your breasts, call Lift Plastic Surgery to see whether a breast lift can help. Or, you can use the online scheduling form to book an appointment.