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Oversized breasts are not only difficult to deal with, they can cause back and neck pain and prevent you from enjoying more active pursuits. To bring your breasts back into line with the rest of your body, Shitel Patel, MD, and Jacqueline Wegge, MD, offer breast reduction surgery at Lift Plastic Surgery. If you’re in Houston or Webster, Texas, call to explore your breast reduction options, or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment.

Breast Reduction Q & A

Who is a good candidate for breast reduction?

A breast reduction done by one of the surgeons at Lift Plastic Surgery can greatly improve, if not resolve, many of the symptoms that come with large breasts, including:

  • Pain during exercise
  • Neck and back pain
  • Large grooves on your shoulders
  • Sores or yeast infections underneath your breasts

A breast reduction not only reduces the size and weight of your breast, it also lifts and reshapes them, leading to a perkier and more proportional shape.

How much can I reduce my breasts safely?

The degree of reduction is based on your goals, but in order to perform the surgery safely, your doctor needs to leave enough breast tissue to maintain blood supply to your skin and nipple.

The doctors at Lift Plastic Surgery use many different patterns to create incisions and remove breast tissue while still keeping your remaining skin and nipple and areola alive. If your breasts are extremely large, the blood supply to the nipple/areola area is stretched and the chance of nipple/areola loss is much greater once the doctor removes your breast tissue and repositions your nipple and areola.

In these situations, your doctor turns to a free nipple graft, a technique where they remove your nipple/areola and sew it back into a new position. In doing this, your doctor keeps the tissue alive, but your nipple no longer has any connection to nerves or ducts.

How is breast reduction surgery performed?

During surgery, your doctor removes the necessary skin and breast tissue and repositions and reshapes your nipple and areola as needed. The surgeon then redrapes your skin over the top and sutures everything in place with absorbable sutures.

Throughout your surgery, your doctor usually sits you up several times to make sure your new breast shape and symmetry are correct. Once your doctor covers your incisions with tape and skin glue and places you in a soft surgical bra, you’re able to go home.

What is recovery like after a breast reduction?

Before you leave, your doctor supplies you with the following instructions:

  • You may shower the day after surgery
  • Wear a soft supportive bra without underwire at all times for four weeks
  • You can switch to a normal bra after a month as long as incisions are well healed
  • No vigorous exercise or activity for four to six weeks
  • Limit lifting your arms above your head for four to six weeks.

You should expect your breasts to be swollen, with swelling decreasing gradually over the following few months as the final shape settles in. Once your incisions are healed, the doctors discuss scar management tips with you.

If your breasts are more of a liability than an asset, call Lift Plastic Surgery to learn about a breast reduction. Or, you can schedule an appointment using the online booking tool.