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While that little bundle may bring you a lifetime of joy, unfortunately, your body gets put through the ringer during pregnancy, which can lead to changes around your abdomen and breasts. If you’re unhappy with these changes, Shitel Patel, MD, and Jacqueline Wegge, MD, at Lift Plastic Surgery offer a procedure known as a mommy makeover to help women in Houston and Webster, Texas, regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. If you want to explore a mommy makeover, call or schedule a consultation today using the online booking form.

Mommy Makeover Q & A


What is a mommy makeover?

While pregnancy and childbirth are wonderful, life-changing events, they can also take a toll on your body. Pregnancy stretches the muscles of your abdomen, pushing them apart, and it can also cause a hernia at your belly button. After your baby is born, you’re often left with extra skin and stretch marks around your belly, as well.

And if that wasn’t enough, breastfeeding often leaves your breasts deflated and droopy, or smaller than before your pregnancy.

Added up, these changes can have a major impact on how you feel about your body. With a mommy makeover, the surgeons at Lift Plastic Surgery turn to a number of procedures to lift, reshape, and get your body back to its pre-pregnancy form. It’s best to wait until you’re done having children before undergoing this procedure.

What procedures can improve my breasts?

At Lift Plastic Surgery, the doctors have a number of tools at their disposal to address breasts that have succumbed to the rigors of pregnancy and breastfeeding. For example, if your breasts are deflated, the doctors may recommend that you choose an implant to restore shape.

If your breasts are severely drooping and your nipples are pointing downward, a breast lift may be your best option, especially if you’re happy with their existing volume. With a breast lift, your doctor is able to lift your breast back into position, creating a “perkier” profile.

What procedure is best for my belly?

Women at Lift Plastic Surgery often turn to a tummy tuck after they’re done having children in order to get rid of excess skin and restore tone by pulling the abdominal muscles back together.

Your doctor may also turn to liposuction in order to add more definition to your waist. If your thighs or back also fell prey to childbearing, your doctor uses liposuction in these areas, as well.

How do I know which mommy makeover procedures are right for me?

The only way to know for sure is to visit Lift Plastic Surgery and sit down with either Dr. Patel or Dr. Wegge. The doctors review your current situation and recommend procedures that align with your goals. While you may never get back the body you had when you were 20, a mommy makeover goes a long way toward undoing the physical effects of childbirth and breastfeeding.

To discuss your mommy makeover options, call Lift Plastic Surgery or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment.