Breast Auto-augmentation


What is it?

If you want a breast lift without implants in Houston, the breast auto-augmentation technique is perfect for you. It can be used to aggressively reshape the patient’s own breast tissue and create the appearance of an augmented breast without actually using a breast implant. It is often performed after massive weight loss due to the specific changes that occur in the breast. It is an excellent option for a patient who wants an augmented look, does not want breast implants, and would be content with their current breast size or slightly smaller. In many ways, it is similar to a traditional mastopexy, but the breast tissue is rearranged and sutured in an elaborate manner, and it is then secured directly to the tough tissue over the ribs to hold it in place. Because of this suture, there may be slightly more discomfort with this procedure than with a traditional breast lift. If you're interested in having this procedure done, Lift Plastic Surgery is the best choice. For other details of surgery and recovery, please refer to the mastopexy section of our website.

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